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Whalers Wharves and Warfare


Sea Of Troubles

Hard Luck Coast

Shipwrecks Scalawags and Scavengers

Welcome to Gull Cottage Books, home to the collected works of maritime author
and historian JoAnn Semones. Her writing focuses on human stories – people lost
at sea, people facing life threatening situations, and people finding their place
in history.

Uncovering the secrets of history is about illuminating moments in time. It's
reaching back to a special era or circumstance that speaks to us, that sheds
light on who we were and who we've become. It's mysterious and romantic;
sometimes cruel, sometimes humorous; and always familiar to those of us
who hear its call.

Featured here are JoAnn's books –
    Whalers, Wharves, and Warfare
    Pirates, Pinnacles, and Petticoats
    Sea of Troubles
    Hard Luck Coast
    Shipwrecks, Scalawags, and Scavengers

These maritime history books represent more than colorful sea lore. They
offer important portals to our past,linking us to unforgettable times,
noteworthy places, and remarkable people.

Read, enjoy, and sail into the mystery of history.

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